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Kenny Ground
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Danic - Fen (Kenny Ground Remix) Release date: 14 of april 2012 Deeperfect Records
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Una bomba in uscita il 13 febbraio su Beatport!
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KENNY GROUND - PANTERO (Original mix) New track on David Herrero label "Olé Music" Release date: 31 of august 2012
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Kenny Ground - Balia (Remixes) [SOUTHPARK RECORDS 022] Out 17 november 2011 Remixes from: Hollen, Thomas T, JUST2
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Kenny Ground - Tweet me! EP Datagroove Records Release date: 21 of April 2012
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Kenny Ground "Sugar" (Original mix / Dj Max Remix) out on Elegant Bit Records Release date: 22 of december 2011
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DEEPERFECT Records pres. STREET'S STUFF Vol.1 Release date: 17 of september 2012 Incl. my track: KENNY GROUND - "JAM SESSION"
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It's Over EP - Thirty5 Records Out 18th october 2011
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Fabian Argomedo "The South Wind" Kenny Ground Remix [Six Sound Records 090] Out: 27 of august 2012
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Maquina 2011 incl. Kenny Ground "Illegal Beats" (Luca M Remix)
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La Terrazza [Southpark Records 024] Out december 15th, 2011
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Kenny Ground "BALKO" [Potobolo Records] Incl. Original mix Luca M Remix / Alex Costa Remix Collective Machine Remix
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Insinio - This Feeling [Southpark Records] Incl. Kenny Ground Remix Out: 15 of march 2012
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Remix for Deep Connect "Ayuma" Release date: 11 of june 2012
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FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: The Wonderful Bootleg of Kenny Ground & Dave Martins! Download and play this amazing bootleg!! Follow me on:
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Datagroove Records pres: "Summer Flashbacks" Release date: 17 of july 2012 Incl. Kenny Ground "Sinistro" (Original mix)
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A new fresh remix of Andrew Wickes "Sultry EP" incl. remixes from ME!, Luca M, Collective Machine and Davide Vario. Out today (9th november 2011) on Beatport. Exotic Refreshment Records.
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Ibiza Music Summit Tracks 2012 Southpark Records Incl. Kenny Ground "Les Salinas"
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Kenny Ground "Showtime EP [Ritual Music - UK] Release date: 16 of anuary 2012 Ritual 023
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Kenny Ground pres. "Plutonio" [Fun Kids Records] Out 19 of march 2012 Incl. remixes by: Darkrow, Thomas T and Edison Ibrahimi
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Angelo Ferreri & Simone Cristini THANK YOU, WILL BE LOVED (Kenny Ground Remix) Release date: 15 of february 2012 Get Funky Music
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FullHouse - Close your Eyes (Kenny Ground Remix) Out: 11 of march 2012 [Ready2Play Records]
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KENNY GROUND - Blipper (Original mix) White Minds Records Release date: 14 of September 2012
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J&S Project pres. "Frakki" - Prospect Records Incl. Kenny Ground Remix Release date: 28 of december 2011
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Mad Raf & tom Zenith "Dirty Carnival" Kenny Ground remix Out 13th october 2011 / Southpark Records
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SOUTHPARK 026 Biella & Astrall - Colombian (Kenny Ground Remix)
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Landmark - Lexy (Kenny Ground remix) Out 1st november 2011 Thirty5 Records
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Masashi Osaku - Blacksmith (Kenny Ground Remix) Plastik Philosophy Records Out 5 december 2011 on Beatport
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Kenny Ground "Illegal Beats" [Maquina Deep-UK] Out 25 August 2011 Original mix & Luca M Remix
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JUST2 - Moyo (Kenny Ground Remix) Out 25 of january on Southpark Records
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Incl. my track "Off the Wall". Release date: 20 february 2012
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Vlada Asanin "Fade to grey" (Kenny Ground remix) Out 26 August 2011 Avenue Recordings 129
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BEST OF 2011 (AVENUE RECORDINGS) Incl. KENNY GROUND "Old School" Out december 12th - 2011
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Denis Dunhill - Metro EP (Kenny Ground Remix) - Balkan Connection Release date: 23 of April 2012
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TAKE ME TO IBIZA Avenue Records, Out July 27 2011 Incl, tracks from: Dj PP, Vlada Asanin, D-unity, Umek, Christian Cambas, Luigi Rocca, Mario Ochoa, Luca M, Patrick M and Kenny Ground with "Arabia". Amazing compilation!!!!!!
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BEST OF 2011 (ADVERSO RECORDS) Incl. KENNY GROUND "Arabia" Out december 12th - 2011
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Fun Kids Records Compilation Incl. Kenny Ground "Plutonio"
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Resolutions "Chibella" (Kenny Ground Remix) Release date: 16 of january 2012 Mirabel Recordings - MIRA 010
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Kenny Ground pres. BALIA Out on Southpark Records Incl. Original and Ron Costa remix
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Thirty5 Records - La isla Bianca 2012 Incl. Landmark "Lexy" (Kenny Ground Remix)
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Caruso & Kenny Ground feat. Toto la Momposina (Simone Vitullo Remix) Out on Ibiza's Wave 2012 of Go Deeva Records
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Mirco Caruso - La Llorona EP Incl. San Juan (Kenny Ground Remix) Go Deeva Records
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Kenny Ground pres. "ELEVEN" Southpark Records 017 Original mix // Roberto Palmero Hot remix Massa Remix // Mad Raf & Tom Zenith remix Out 29 august 2011 on Beatport
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Thirty5 Session pres. "End of Year 2011" Out december 19th, 2011 Incl. Kenny Ground "It's Over"
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Unlimited EP out July 8 2011 Avenue Recordings - AVND124 Incl. Old School + Unlimited
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Tech Kings Vol.2 - Adverso Records Out 7 september 2011 Incl. Kenny Ground "Arabia"
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Tech Kings Vol.1 - Adverso Records Out 2 september 2011 Incl. Kenny Ground "Old School"
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Yves Larock "Running Man" (Kenny Ground remix) Out on Millia Records
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SOUTHPARK SAMPLER VOL.1 Out 12 september 2011 on Beatport Album incl. KENNY GROUND "OFF THE WALL"
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Dave Martins & Kenny Ground "Road to Madrid" Southpark Records 001
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Ahmet Mecnun - Area 33 (Kenny Ground remix) Out June 30-2011 on Delicious Recordings DL017
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Greg Sawyer - Five mile threat (Kenny Ground remix) Out on Endemic Digital - UK
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Appears on "Destination Ibiza 2011" By: Caballero Records Track: BALIA (Original mix) 02 June 2011
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Houseshaker feat. Alexander "So In Love" Incl. Kenny Ground remix Out 08.04.2011 on Beatport
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Compilation out 28th october 2011 Incl. Mad Raf & Tom Zenith "Dirty Carnival" Kenny Ground Remix - on Wasabi Records
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Nu:Skool "The Best in TechHouse" Vol.2 [HiFi Stories] Incl. Kenny Ground - Balia Compilation Out: July 28 2011
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Nu:Skool "The Best in TechHouse" [HiFi Stories] Incl. Dave Martins & Kenny Ground "Road to Madrid" (Wally Lopez Factomania Remix) Compilation Out: 7 April 2011
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Incl. Kenny Ground "Illegal Beats" LUCA M Rmx
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Two Pearls Rock - Take Me (Kenny Ground remix) Out on Balkan Connection May 2011
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Thomas T "Body Lotion" (incl. Kenny Ground remix)
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Rocket Ride Compilation Incl. Alex Pro "E-Lectronic" (Kenny Ground Remix) Out 26 of january 2012 Label: Play my track Recordings
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Lynchberg - El son de la fuente (Kenny Ground remix) Out 21 July 2011 on Delicious Recordings DL020
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THE PHILOSOPHY OF HOUSE: THE GREAT TRIO Plastik Philosphy Records Incl. Blacksmith (Kenny Ground Remix)
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Dave Martins & Kenny Ground "Nice and Slow" Southpark Records 002
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TECH HOUSE SPRING ESSENTIALS 2012 Compilation by: Play my track Recording Incl. Biella & Astrall "Colombian" (Kenny Ground remix) Out 15 of march 2012
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RE:DEFINE 02 - THE FUTURE SOUND OF HOUSE Compilation out on Beatport - 15 of march 2012 Incl. Kenny Ground, Dave Martins, Thomas T "La Terrazza"
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This is House Music Vol.4 [Mylo Records] Incl. Kenny Ground "Eleven" Release date: 02 of february 2012
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ESSENTIAL HOUSE GUIDE VOLUME 7 PART 2 - FOR IBIZA CLUBBERS incl. Kenny Ground "Eleven" Out 2th november 2011
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Saintpaul Dj - Get my Love Kenny Ground Remix
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Jesus Pablo & Di riviera "DUM DUM EP" Out 24 of February 2011 Incl. Kenny Ground remix
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Massa July Top Charts 2011 Incl. Ahmet Mecnun - Area33 (Kenny Ground remix)
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Thomas Ferry feat. Dot Comma "No One" Incl: Kenny Ground Remix Out: 14 of January 2011 [North Town Records]
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Enjoy Music 005
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Danny Logan "Airplane" (Kenny Ground remix) Southpark Records 006
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Enjoy Music 004 Kenny Ground - Black Track
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Exclusive Mixed CD - Summer 2010
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Alex Guesta "Love is in the air"
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Alex Pro "E-Lectronic" (Kenny Ground remix) Southpark Records 005
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Kenny Ground "Be House" - Unsigned Track
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Leon Klein "Vamos a la Playa" (Kenny Ground remix)
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Enjoy Music 003
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Lynchberg "El son de la Fuente" (Kenny Ground remix) OUT: 21 July 2011
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Yves Larock - Say Yeah! (Kenny Ground remix)
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PinkStar House Anthems - Ibiza 2009 Incl: Kenny Ground "The Power" Compilation Out: 15 June 2009
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Enjoy Music 001 Kenny Ground - Shake It
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Saintpaul Dj - She's like the wind Kenny Ground Remix Out on Shiva Music Records - Italy
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Kenny Ground pres. "Revolution" Southpark Records 003
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Enjoy Music 002
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Thomas T "Body Lotion" KENNY GROUND RMX supported on promopool by Carl Cox!
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Kenny Ground - White Shaodws EP Incl. "Mumba" & "White Shadows" Release date: 21 of january 2013 Go Deeva Records
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German Brigante - Mapale (Kenny Ground Remix) Out on Southpark Records
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Kenny Ground - Funker EP incl. "Funker" & "Check It" Out on Six Sound Records - 11th february 2013
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Stefano Kosa - I can Go (Kenny Ground Remix) Out on Etichetta Nera
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Dave Martins - Natural (Kenny Ground Remix) Out on Southpark Records
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Alejandro Fernandez - Cold Mind (Kenny Ground Remix) out on Expectancy Records 25 of january 2013
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Joy Marquez - Secret Weapon (Kenny Ground Remix) out on 76 Recordings
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Edgar Vm & Bias "Magnetico" (Kenny Ground Remix) Out on Factomania Digital (Wally Lopez Label) 18 of february 2013
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Saxony EP (Incl. "Saxony" & "Salih") Out on Tactical Records (Lissat & Voltaxx Label) 22 of february 2013
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Kenny Ground "The Music" Release date: 27 of march 2013 [Toolroom Records]
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Kenny Ground & Caruso "Caribbean" Release date: 25 of march 2013 [Deeperfect Records]
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New remix out on Pressure (Fabian Argomedo Label) Release date: 20 of may 2013
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Kenny Ground "Balkalera" (Original mix) Out the 24th june 2013 on Natura Viva
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Caruso & Kenny Ground feat. Toto La Momposina "La Jicotea" (Simone Vitullo Remix) - Toolroom Records
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Biella & Astrall - Unlimited (Kenny Ground Remix) [WTF! Music]
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Riccardo Farina "La Fisa" (Kenny Ground Remix) [WTF! Music]
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Kenny Ground & Riccardo Farina "The Sinner Saint" [Street King]
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J&S Project - Take a break( Kenny Ground Remix)
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Kenny Ground "Guapela" [Natura Viva]
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Unique (CRO) - Boomerang ( Kenny Ground Remix) [Family Grooves Records]
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Kenny Ground live mix on Ibiza Global Radio World Tour
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Kenny Ground - "The Body EP" [Playmobil - Material Series] Release date: 22 of september 2014
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Ismael Casimiro - Crazy Loop (Kenny Ground Remix) Series Music (German Brigante Label) Out the 19th may 2014
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Kenny Ground "Bad Habit" [Old School Department] Release date: 15 of september 2014
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Exclusive EP out on Witty Tunes 01: "True Story" 02: "My Money" Release date: 3rd november 2014
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Rio Dela Duna - En La Mar / Erik Hagleton Rework (Kenny Ground Remix) Release date: 22h december 2014 Africanism All Stars
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Kenny Ground - Amazing (Casa Rossa)
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Out soon again on Wally Lopez label "La Factoria" Out the 22th september 2014
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Younan Music pres: Gaetano C & Kenny Ground "Dangerous EP" Release date: 20th april 2015
Kenny Ground

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